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SUBJECT 1: Spanish EAC-From Elementary to Advanced (1st - 6th Grade) 

  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Topics: From Introduction to Advanced Level in Spanish (Choose your level)
  • Apply and get 2 FREE classes (on our costs); Only 25 seats are available!
  • The first 5 people to register will be supported for a scholarship to Spain in May 2015
  • Click here for the COURSE DESCRIPTION.

SUBJECT 2: Finance for Non-Finance Managers (Accounting & Finance)

SUBJECT 3: Business Plan Writing Skills for Business (Entrepreneurship) 

SUBJECT 4: Electronic Business or Internet Business (e-Commerce) 

SUBJECT 5: Finance and Accounting for Business (Accounting & Finance) 

SUBJECT 6: Internet Marketing for Business (Sales & Marketing)

SUBJECT 7: Matlab for FINANCE Professionals

SUBJECT 8: Financial Marketing for Business (Sales & Marketing) 

SUBJECT 9: CSR & Business Ethics (Business and Management) 

SUBJECT 10: Leadership in Banking (Business and Management) 

SUBJECT 11: Portfolio Management (International Investment) 

SUBJECT 12: Computerised Finance (Accounting & Finance) 

SUBJECT 13: Advanced Microfinance Management (Finance)

SUBJECT 14: Risk Management for Business (Accounting & Finance) 

SUBJECT 15: Strategic Management 

SUBJECT 16: Emotional Intelligence for Personal Development 

SUBJECT 17: Time Management for Business (International Business) 

SUBJECT 18: Online Forex Trading for Finance Professionals

  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Only 25 seats are available!
  • Topics: Forex, Brokers, charts, does one make money Forex, Controlling Risks in Forex markets, Lots and Leverage, Market Basics, Using Indicators, Trading Strategies, etc.
  • Click here to get the course description.

SUBJECT 19: Financial Modelling

SUBJECT 20: Time Management 

SUBJECT 21: Stock Management

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