Under this web page we bring you FREE Courses from our categories and also help students get the best of knowledge without paying a penny.

After completing a course and doing an exam, you can ask for a certificate but you will pay Frw. 10,000 -tax inclusive.

List of Free Courses (From 0 to n).

1. Advanced English

2. Spanish EAC

3. Investment Management

Click here to see the class info and follow the trainer.

This course gives insights about Investments. How to get money, how to invest and increase profits, etc. It takes you from the idea of just keeping your money, to banking it and to investing it on the stock market.

This is also the link that you will use/open to access the class on the dates of Saturday 9th January 2016 to 16th Jan. 2016 (or the recording afterwards).

4. Free International Marketing 

This course is very important because it will not only teach you to market globally, but it will also give you opportunities to work on internationally especially via the Internet.

Click here  and follow the training. 

5. Financial Litteracy

This course will take place on Monday 18th January 2016 at 8PM Kigali time (6PM GMT).

You will learn how to get and properly use your finances especially for those who didn't study Finance in School. 

Click here and see the class info. This is also the link that you will use/open to access the class on Monday (or the recording afterwards).