Management Consultancy:

Business Planning, Analysis, Advisory, Training, Recruitment, Communication, PR, data collection &/ analysis, meeting and conference facilitation, coaching, mentoring, etc..

Special service:
Business Plans & Financial Models for all.
Especially for Hotels and Commercial Real Estate. Let your Sales & Valuations be guided by a well build Business & Financial Model.

  1. Preparation of Business Plans, Strategic Plans, Grant & Project Proposals;
  2. Financial modeling / complex finance calculations;
  3. Training & Recruitment (all areas of business, management or administration);
  4. Preparation of docs: Contracts, proposals, notes, letters and presentations;
  5. Document editing or correction;
  6. Translation of docs: to & from Kinyarwanda, French, English, Spanish & Swahili;
  7. Strategy formulation (strategy paper writing);
  8. Communication plan & action plan writing;
  9. PR (Public Relations) and Partnership Development;
  10. Minutes taking (reports of meetings, workshops and conferences);
  11. Meeting moderation ( and/or motivation speaking);
  12. Online Marketing: Web & Social media, Video emails, Newsletters, conferencing;
  13. Project/Market Research and/or surveys;
  14. Project Management & Reporting (with Smartsheet);
  15. Company valuation (with WACC, DCF, etc.);
  16. Constant and timely business checks or progress analysis;
  17. Auditing of accounting books;
  18. Tax preparation, submission and file;
  19. Internet marketing (twitter, Facebook, Video e-mail) for your business;
  20. Computer administration support (IT) for small offices;
  21. Best Financial Models for Projects & Plans;
  22. Accounting and Auditing of Books.

Special Accounting Service for SMEs:

We provide Accounting services for shops and small businesses in Rwanda at the rate of Frw. 90,000 or $100 per month. With us you don't need an extra staff to do accounting. Give us your receipts and payments then we do the rest. 

Financial  Modelling: 
pivotal to the strategy, planning and decision making processes for businesses.

Good Financial models help businesses in various ways:

For Start-Ups;

Our models help in attracting (and convincing) the investors.

For the Already Established Businesses;

Our models help you see a clear picture of your businesses key financial metrics. Even non-financially inclined executives will be surprised at how easy it is to plug-in assumptions or real data and see the effects ripple through the model and impact key metrics.

Specific Benefits

Adhering to accepted modelling best practice principles, we can provide affordable, timely modelling solutions to you that will:

  • Become streamlined, yet tailored to your needs, by our modelling expert(s);
  • Make the process more transparent, consistent, flexible and robust;
  • Assist in identifying or confirming key drivers of value in the process;
  • Help you quantify options and alternatives;
  • Reduce the likelihood of material errors in structure;
  • Lessen the chances of the wrong decision(s) being made;
  • Lower the financial and reputational risks for you.

Would you like to know more about the Financial models we build? 
Would you rather like to directly BUY the models that are specific to your need? 

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