Join the first Online Forex Trading in Africa. We trade, train and invest online.

In partnership with our experts, you learn together What is Forex, Brokers, charts, how one makes money with Forex, Controlling Risks, Forex market, Lots and Leverage, Market Basics, Using Indicators, Trading Strategies, Options, etc.

We take you from elementary to Advanced level and help you trade successfully.

Once you know the basics, you open a live account to trade on your own but before you do that, you have to open a dummy account to familiarise yourself with the system.

On day one of our program you will sign up to FOREX.

Please Contact Us via gestoriarwanda@gmail.com to schedule an individual or group training.

Wouldn't you like to be able to make trades like these below?

On the above GBP/USD chart you see that the trader made 167 PIPS in a day.

The trader below took 5 minutes to spot, plan and enter the trade. He left it open with a stop loss and a limit order. Once it hit the limit order it was closed for 142 pips profit. Not bad for 5 minutes, right?

Trades like this happen every day across many currency pairs. With our help you will learn to trade and make profit. You may start doing this as a hobby, a exercise, a part-time job etc until you fully gain confidence and start trading for a living.

Also with the help of our American partners, you stand the chance of being selected for a trading fund of $1,000; $2,500; $5,000; $7,500; $10,000 and much more.

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